An Example of a Customer Relation Management Website

Below is an example of a Customer Relation Management Website.

Customer Relation Management Websites

999tom Content Management

Customer Relation Management has an extremely complex contact management system as the online database holds the entire candidate database. This allows candidates to be search from any location. Even a mobile phone, so candidate information is available where ever the recruitment consultant is. 

It will also allow you to select a shopping list of candidates that you wish to email. You can add candidates to this list via browsing candidates, searching by given criteria, but easily my favourite is the ability to add candidates to this list based on visual geographical data.  Using Google maps candidates are displayed on UK map by candidate type. This map can be broken down into several geographical locations and those area's searched.

SMS, bulk and individual emails are all available to the admin team no matter where they are, and all conversations are logged so a history is built up and the candidate can be "picked up" by any consultant with ease.