An Example of a Feed Driven Website.

Below is an example of a Feed Driven Website.

Feed Driven Websites

Feed Driven Websites uses multiple xml RSS feeds to gather and display Employment news, Motor news, and other relevant info to website. This allows the site on average to store and display over 100 pages of automatically generated automatically updated content with no human interaction.

If you're a travel agent our systems will allow you access upto potential 100's of thousands hotels worldwide in a multi feed solution. All searchable and bookable from within your own website. No losing the customers to "referral" websites. the complete transaction is handled within your own website.

Feed Driven Websites

Brownhills Motor Homes Feed Driven Websites

Insurance companies can launch instant online quoting systems that can handle a booking with the absolute minimum of human interaction. They can automatically find the lowest or most suitable quote from an whole range of suppliers, present this to the customer online, and accept payment and trigger initiation of that account.

It also allows companies in an existing sector to branch out their package options. If you are a travel agent you can subscribe to insurance feeds and bundle these with flight or accommodation deals, even car hire can be calculated and presented to the client as an "option" on the booking form.

Maybe you own a community site and want to bring a revenue stream beyond the usual advertising streams. If you run a community site about a certain area or place you could offer accommodation in that area.

The scope of systems for this is huge, it's only really limited by your imagination. With more and more content and information available through subscription XML based services the scope and depth of automatically generated content is mind blowing!